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Walking, The Way
Discipling Everywhere; with a Fresh Set of Eyes
by DL Newcombe

Walking, The Way is the inspiring true testimony of a man who was obsessed with his own needs and desires for over 35 years. A survivor of childhood sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, he became consumed by sin. Immorality, idolatry, pride, bitterness, hatred, anger, and drugs and alcohol came incredibly close to destroying his life. Then, one day, everything changed. In the time it took to see death coming and not even have the chance to take a breath—never mind pray for forgiveness—the man was spared. Awakened to how close he’d come to losing everything, including God, he was born again into a new life, and a new role as a disciple. In His mercy, God saved this man, delivered him from self-destruction and the surety of hell... all through His amazing Grace. A testament to the power and work of God the Holy Spirit, Walking, the Way reveals the importance of faith and trust in the only true God of the Bible. Learn how forgiveness begins the healing process, and how God’s Word is truly the only way to renew your mind. See how effectual prayer, done in awe of the amazing power of God and His love, is sustenance for the disciple, confirming one’s belief while granting the ability and strength to face life’s trials with confidence. Before it’s too late, consider your life, your thoughts, your actions. Remember what’s at risk—separation from Him, forever. Then ask yourself, “Am I born of the Spirit?”

"D. L. Newcombe’s passionate evangelical book Walking, the Way encourages following Jesus and the Bible. Its Trinitarian perspective central, the book emphasizes Jesus’s position while also making room for the Holy Spirit to be active in believers’ lives. Interesting arguments arise around the amount of faith, or the “measure” of faith, that each person is given from God: faith may start as a “mustard seed,” Newcombe says, but can still grow to make room for great works of faith. In its earnestness to save souls, it also uses power-minded language: thanks to Jesus, Newcombe says, people have the “power to overcome” their life challenges. Walking, the Way is a familiar evangelical work that combines testimonials with biblical arguments about salvation." - Foreword Clarion Reviews

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DL Newcombe is a changed man. Once an unbelieving husband, he now firmly believes in the importance of God and His word in our lives. A true disciple, born again to the Spirit, his passion for God and his faith is unmistakable and infectious. He knows what the depravity of humanity looks like because he’s experienced it first-hand, just as he’s survived sin’s captivity, bondage, and destruction. His desire to help others enter the narrow gate and walk the path of Jesus’ teachings infuses his writing, particularly because he’s not afraid to tell it as it really happened. He wants people to read of who he was, and what God has made of him. While his writing tends toward the profound, it is not so cerebral that readers will miss out on the power of his message. Newcombe lives in Keller, Texas, with Bonnie, his wife of 39 years. He is blessed with three daughters and two grandchildren.


DL Newcombe
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