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  • At the Core

    Examining the Parallels Between Christianity and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by

    What if the work of diversity, equity, & inclusion originated to restore a once-unified kingdom? God designed a unified kingdom for all of His creation, yet our world has become more divided than ever. At the Core takes an in-depth look at the...

  • Como un hijo con su padre

    Sentando la base para los hijos espirituales by

    Hoy en día, más que en cualquier otro momento de la historia, hay una generación sin padre - una generación de espíritus huérfanos clamando por ser adoptados. Como un hijo con su padre es el viaje personal del pastor Rick Menard, como hijo...

  • Jesus and Mature Love

    Reflections on Love of Enemy by

    "Every paragraph of this compelling book calls for liberatory action, enabling radical transformation and planetary survival." - Kathy Kelly, board president of World BEYOND War "Len Desroches' passion for peace is a bright flame, a torch in a...

  • The UpSideDown Life


    A newly Christian friend of mine asked me to recommend a book to help her and her husband get off to a strong start in their new faith. I set out to find the perfect book. To hold their attention, it had to be the literary equivalent of a...

  • Walking, The Way

    Discipling Everywhere; with a Fresh Set of Eyes by

    Walking, The Way is the inspiring true testimony of a man who was obsessed with his own needs and desires for over 35 years. A survivor of childhood sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, he became consumed by sin. Immorality,...

  • Home Together

    Student Ministry at the Menno Simons Centre by

    Emerging adults today feel homeless and alone. How can the church share the good news of a God who offers home and togetherness? Home Together gives a compelling account of a Christian student residence that has shared this good news by engaging...

  • These Beautiful People

    Real Stories. Relentless Hope by

    “Africa’s real beauty—her greatest treasure—is her people.” — Twila Stories are powerful. Stories tear down walls that keep us from each other. Stories set us free from the prisons we live in by suffering in silence. *** These Beautiful People is...

  • Goodness is Contagious

    From Profit to Purpose by

    At the age of eighteen David Ash attended a seminar that would change the direction of his troubled young life forever. His heart and mind were filled with hopes and dreams of a life he could never have imagined before. That day he set his first...