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  • Lighthouse on the Prairies

    The Story Inside the Jesus Elevator by

    There is very little information about the Jesus Elevator on the internet. Somehow, even Wikipedia missed it. In this book, you are going to learn about Hartley Somerville, a prairie born-again farmer who purchased a 75 foot tall grain elevator in ...

  • Walking, The Way

    Discipling Everywhere; with a Fresh Set of Eyes by

    Walking, The Way is the inspiring true testimony of a man who was obsessed with his own needs and desires for over 35 years. A survivor of childhood sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, he became consumed by sin. Immorality, ...

  • What I Want to Know

    The Forgotten Evidence for Meaning and Hope by

    Christianity began on the margins of the Roman Empire, and is the foundation of Western Civilization. Christianity in the West has provided meaning and hope, social cohesion, a shared world view, and a narrative that makes sense of the world. It has ...

  • The Evangelizing Catholic

    How a Crisis Became a Gift by

    No one can believe alone, just as no one can live alone. You have not given yourself faith, as you have not given yourself life. In The Evangelizing Catholic, author Declan O’Sullivan shares his conversion experience, awakening to the presence of ...