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Norton Kansas, Backcountry fishing, Palenque Mexico, Alaskan Adventure, Earthwatch Adventure, Banco Chincharo, Firth River Yukon

Stories by Eldon of Norton
by Eldon Archer

Eldon Archer has finished putting together his fourth book. A couple of times he declared the book was finished only have another story nagging to be told. Story after story found its way into this latest book. His great memory, the unusual things he' done that most ordinary people wouldn't even try, and he’s shared a few gems of philosophy he has gleaned from 92 years of living.

Trips to 47 countries some lasting two weeks or more have generated story after story demanding to be in print. Each chapter is an interesting stand-alone story not connected to any other story. This is a book a person can enjoy piecemeal one story at a time. Very few people will do that because Eldon's first person style of writing sucks the reader into living each story after story.

Eldon Archer photo

Been there done that..…Well that’s not totally true.  A physically handicapping stroke cut short my bucket list, but life had showered me with adventure travels and events that screamed to be told. My first book, I stood on a Knoll South of Norton was meant solely for my grandchildren but it resulted in so many requests, a second printing was required.

Slices of Eden covered four of my adventure travels in great detail.  It seems more than coincidence that a young lady became my caregiver who’s harrowing life story had to be told became paired with a person who believes he did justice to her book, Escaping Iraq.

Each day I know someone needs to stir the world with a stick so why not me?


Eldon Archer

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