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The Annals of Time
by Ned Black

What would Beings from a Type III civilization, able to use the energy of the entire galaxy, do if they decided that humankind was a threat to an arm of that galaxy? Since they had a probation against the destruction of any other species they would do what they did. Limit human kind to remove the threat, by creating a bottleneck event over several hundred earth years. Targeting reproduction, cognitive ability, and creating a fear of speed.

But even the most advanced can make mistakes, and over those few hundred earth years they left a collection of residuals from their time trips. It caused a minute rip in the fabric of time.

Police Lieutenant Bill Timlin, responded to a shooting investigation and drove into that time rip that moved him over 1,000 years into his future. Into a medieval world of limited humans where he had to survive.

Edward (Ned) Black, is a former United States Marine Corps combat veteran with six years of military service, who has two Purple Heart Medals for wounds. He retired as a Deputy Chief of Police from a Department in the metro Philadelphia area after 40 years of service, and is a member of the Company of Military Historians. He writes to keep busy.


Ned Black

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