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Short non-fiction, Creative non-fiction, Ranching, Alberta, Horses, Ranch life, Alberta ranch land

by Brent Drew Townsend

Within these pages, I offer an account of a once strong herd of wild horses that ran fast, and ran free, until various concerned entities deemed their existence as non-essential.

In light of their environmental impact, the herds were removed as a means of preserving an otherwise protected area. That being: a live artillery range, often responsible for igniting highly destructive prairie fires leading to untold losses of wildlife as well as irreparable soil erosion.

This is my story.

For more information on the strategic demise of these past inhabitants of the Great Canadian Sandhills, I recommend watching the NFB documentary:

Horses of Suffield

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I had just turned twenty when Graham, a second generation homesteader in Southern Alberta, offered me work on a wild horse ranch. Looking back now, it all seems like a dream.


Brent Drew Townsend

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