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Mistress, Cheating husband, Divorce, Sensual, Proof, Affairs, Lovers

Mistress For Hire
by Abby Parker

When Bree found herself in a desperate situation, she stumbled upon a unique way to move forward, a new career path... a mistress for hire.

Bree knew exactly what to do to catch a cheating husband, having been a mistress herself. Now, on a mission to make things right, she's become a "good mistress" of sorts. In an effort to rectify her past, Bree helps women catch their cheating husbands.

She tempts, they concede, she provides the proof.

Bree seems to have it all, but her life is thrown into a tailspin when a mistress for hire job goes south in all the wrong ways. Will she be able to complete the job and keep the man she’s falling for?

"​Parker deftly reveals the unexpected fallout of her main character’s activities. For example, one man turns dangerously aggressive, and at another point, her growing feelings for someone distract her from her mission. The author treats the topic of infidelity seriously throughout, but she does allow for moments of humor. One of the best sequences in the book involves Bree’s stay at a lamentable Nevada motel, where she deals with cold temperatures and a blaring TV. This novel is the start of a planned series, and, as such, it ends on an effective cliffhanger.

A diverting tale featuring a protagonist with an atypical job."

- Kirkus Reviews

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Abby Parker resides in Canada with her husband and three children. A law enforcement officer by profession, she writes for the love of it. Abby enjoys charity work and recently led a project to build a police station in Africa. Abby aspires to continue her humanitarian work and donate half the proceeds of her book, Mistress for Hire, towards these efforts. In her spare time, she enjoys bee keeping, traveling, playing ringette, and spending time with family and friends.


Abby Parker

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