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Heaven, Eternity, Afterlife, Character, Virtue, Faith, Sin.

Rules For Living On Earth
by Marie E Rickwood

Jonathan Brown, the father of twin sons is married to a lovely woman. He is also a successful bank executive, a nature enthusiast and an unfaithful husband. Jonathan Brown is also a die-hard atheist.

One evening at the age of forty-two, he walks across the street from his residence to the 7-11 store to buy the latest Financial Post. Hurrying back, he is struck by a large truck and killed instantly.

He ascends upwards while watching the paramedics trying to revive his body below. Ascending further he learns he has to pass The Rules For Living On Earth at each station he comes to if he wants to meet the Creator he never believed in.

This gripping novel will hold your interest while taking you through his tough journey. It will show you the struggle he has with each station. As you read, no doubt you will be asking these questions: What are the rules for living on earth, will he make it through them? Will he see the face of God? Will he enter that mystical place called Heaven?

“Marie has a wonderful way of captivating her reading audience through the creativity of her descriptive wording and expressions. The words seem to flow freely. I have loved reading each of her novels including this one. I’m looking forward to many more in the future!”

BJ Patterson-Frayn, Entrepreneur and Student of Integrative Therapies -

Marie E Rickwood photo

As a child, Marie Rickwood would imagine stories before falling asleep. She says to be a writer, one's imagination has to convert to words then tumble down onto the page.

Writing social columns for newspaper companies, a corporate magazine and winning speeches for the Toastmistress Club was the beginning. It wasn't until her family had been raised and 30 years of working in office administration were behind her was she afforded the time to become a serious writer. Office work gave her the experience to write Hornets in the Office which was published in 2013. Her second book, Behind The Smoke, in collaboration with her husband, Val Fenton, a retired district fire chief, was published in 2016.

She and Val live on Vancouver Island. Their children and grandchildren are their biggest joy plus they participate in many activities which include traveling, dancing, and playing crib.

Marie also enjoys art in all its forms. She loves to paint in oils. The painting on the cover is one of her works.

Comments on this novel will be most welcome. Please email Marie @ or visit their website – Rickwood and Fenton Books and Art.


Marie E Rickwood

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