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Solving the Brain Puzzle
A Complete Layperson's Guide to Achieving Brain Health
by Bill Code , Karen D. Johnson M.D. and Teri Jaklin ND

Receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or some other brain-related illness is devastating. It feels like life, as you know it, is over, and you are powerless to do anything about it. Your future may seem like nothing but a long black tunnel of decreasing cognitive function, declining mobility, depression, and premature death. Even your physician may share this gloomy view. The good news is, you have more control over your brain health than you think! With the exception of cancer, many brain illnesses can be reversed through a combination of diet, exercise, supplements, proper sleep, avoiding and removing toxins from the body, and taking an epigenetic (turning good genes on and not-so-good genes off) approach to your healing. Several “jump start” techniques, including oxygen therapy, microbiota therapy (Gut Flora Transplant or GFT), photobiomodulation therapy (PMT), venous angioplasty, and even cannabis can enhance your recovery in as little as a few weeks. Never before have we had so many safe approaches with little or no side effects. Best of all, these treatments are now available on almost every continent, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.  It is time we let go of our paternalistic concept that “doctor knows best.” This book describes all the above treatments and more, providing a roadmap to enhance your brain recovery. You may not feel like it right now, but you can win the brain game, and this book can show you how!

“...a very comprehensive and well-researched book.” -Andrew Weil, celebrated physician, author, spokesperson "A thorough work for those interested in whole-brain health, Solving the Brain Puzzle covers ample ground." -Foreword Clarion Review “Solving the Brain Puzzle is not just a lay person’s book - it’s current research and experience-based information for all physicians open to expanding from the traditional information to encompass the burgeoning current functional medicine information... It is a book to read, a concrete, holistic book, well researched and personally experienced.” -Carol Douglas, Psychiatrist “A terrific reference and I am sure it will be a great resource for many people.” -Ashton Embry, PhD

Bill Code, Karen D. Johnson M.D. and Teri Jaklin ND photo

Dr. William Code is an anesthesiologist, integrative medicine specialist, and acclaimed international speaker and author. A medical practicioner for forty years, he has studied integrative medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, and is a leading expert in pain management. He has had his own twenty-two year journey with MS. Dr. Code has authored three previous books, Youth Renewed: A Common-sense Approach to Vibrant Health… at Any Age, Who is in Control of Your Multiple Sclerosis? Pieces of the MS Recovery Puzzle, and Winning the Pain Game. He lives on Vancouver Island.


Bill Code
Karen D. Johnson M.D.
Teri Jaklin ND

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