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Suicide prevention, Substance abuse, Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Family dysfunction, Life-skills coach

Born in Fear
You have the power to transform your wounds to wisdom by Richard Dolen

Suicide, addiction, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and violence can destroy individuals, families, and communities. Through years of working with people who aspired to change their lives, Richard developed approaches and techniques to assist in the betterment of many lives.

His book presents an easy-to-read, self-help approach to examining one’s life and making life-altering decisions to re-direct one’s future.

Richard has worked in Canada and the US, and truly believes sufferers plagued by toxic attitudes would find benefit and hope in his words.

This book is a ‘reminder’ to those who wished to improve their lives, and did so … a ‘reminder’ of their past and how to remain on their empowerment and positive thinking paths.

Relinquishing negative impulses and habits of a damaging life can be a monumental challenge. However, with the help of Richard’s words, change can achieve a more satisfying life.

The book outlines how one develops certain negative thoughts early in life. It provides examples of lives that ‘have’ changed through workshop attendance. The book gives confidence to lives mired in self-doubt, shame, and hopelessness.

This book provides optimism, direction, and insight into a better life than that which for years caused much pain, anguish, and regret.

There is great wisdom in this book. As a Metis, two-spirited healer Richard’s insights are gifts from the spirit and the divine. It is no accident that you hold this book. The words will welcome you home.

- Mary Stacey, M.A., B.A. (Honours)

Richard Dolen photo

Richard was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and raised on a dirt farm with his family scratching a meagre living. He is Métis … a registered member of the Métis Nation of British Columbia, Canada.

Through the eyes of poverty, hatred, and discrimination, he developed feelings of guilt, shame and self-hatred. At six years of age Richard had lost hearing in one ear and labelled slow in school. He also suffers from dyslexia. Suicide often entered his mind as a method to simply stop the pain.

He had first-hand knowledge of the now-openly discussed topic of sexual abuse in the Church … he was an altar boy and abused. He left home at 15 seeking a better life.

Richard soon realized many of society’s ills evolved from addictions, family violence, family secrets, physical/sexual/alcohol/drug abuse, and feelings of inadequacy living in societies where being Métis or First Nations was/is looked down upon. The fact he was Métis was a family secret, never spoken openly in the family. He suffered from years of family dysfunction.

Richard became a life-skills coach working in suicide prevention, addiction, and violence in the home. He facilitated groups in transition houses in California for adolescents realizing there must be a better way to help people who descend into debilitating hopelessness.

Richard felt he could help those who lost their way through providing workshops dedicated to encouraging participants to face their fears, develop self-confidence, and move beyond the quagmire of depression, fear, and physical/emotional torment.


Richard Dolen
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Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk

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