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Italian romance, Andrea Doria, Nancy Patacca, Romance novel, Italian immigration, Tuscany vineyard, Italian adventure

Unbroken Chain of Love
by Nancy Patacca

As she set sail with her family that beautiful July day on the ill-fated voyage of the Andrea Doria, eight-year-old Rita Esposito’s life was about to change forever. Her last view of her beloved Naples was of the abundant flowers and stately fountain, but only days later Rita was overwhelmed with horror when the ocean liner sank. Separated from her mother, Rita was among the lucky survivors rescued by a nearby ship and brought to the docks at New York, where her first exposure to the city was one of chaos, desperation, and unfathomable sadness.

Faced with a new reality of foster care and life in an orphanage controlled by a heartless Mother Superior, Rita awaited news of her mother. Unbroken Chain of Love is the story of growing up as an Italian immigrant in New York City in the 1950s and 1960s—from bullying and indifferent teachers, to compassion and support from those who recognized the young woman’s abilities and determination. Her journey weaves through the Italian neighborhoods of New York City, to the Tuscany wine region in Italy, the introduction of the underworld, and the joy and heartbreak that comes with the undying love of two devoted men.

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Nancy Patacca emigrated from Italy to America when she was nine years old. Her lifelong dream to write a book seemed impossible due to a language barrier, but Patacca never gave up. After raising her children and retiring from running the family restaurant, she began writing the book that had been in her mind for years.

Unbroken Chain of Love brings together her lifelong goal of writing a novel with a story that reflects the importance of family. Patacca hopes Unbroken Chain of Love brings a message to women to reach for their dreams. She hopes the book encourages women to embrace opportunity, break societal expectations, and follow their dreams.

Patacca lives in New York with her husband of forty-nine years, Jerry, who she describes as a kind man and a loving and devoted husband, father, and grandfather. Unbroken Chain of Love is her first book, and the first in the Rita Esposito series.


Nancy Patacca

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