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Historical fiction, Historical romance, Canadian fiction, Domestic abuse, Farm and ranch life, Rural Canada

Reviving Joy
by Sylvia L. Thomson

Living in the big city of Toronto with all the luxuries of the early 20th Century, Hannah-Joy's dream of true love and happiness is shattered when her husband's rage turns against her. Longing for her freedom, she steals away with nothing but courage and a faint hope for the future. Afraid of being found, Hannah-Joy hides in the Prairies, desperate to keep her secret. She finds work on the McBride family farm, saving money in order to continue on her travels. They embrace her as one of their own, including her in their family traditions and idyllic lifestyle. It is only when horrific tragedy besets, that Hannah-Joy must choose between her own safety and that of those she cares about. Will she ever be able to trust again? Facing her fears and overcoming great challenges, Hannah-Joy seeks to find refuge for her soul. She wrestles with the ghosts of her past, her desire for pure love and the path to true freedom. If only she were free to embrace it. Join Hannah-Joy on a journey of faith as she struggles to make peace with her past mistakes, in order to love as though she's never been hurt before. Her courage and tenacity will inspire you.

Romantic and full of relational-tension, Reviving Joy does just that: it builds a dramatic story that bit-by-bit stirs in the heart joy. A pleasurable read. ~ Julia Van Huizen

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Sylvia Thomson has been writing for more than 20 years. She has created and illustrated several children's books and has taught many youngsters how to read. Some of her best days have been spent outdoors with a pencil in hand, sketching pictures and scribbling notes for her next book. Sylvia has traveled across Canada several times and appreciates the diversity of people as well as the landscape. She has often dreamed of stepping back in time and experiencing the "good ole days" when life was simpler in some ways, though never easy. Resilience and faith are qualities that Sylvia values and portrays in her fictional characters in her first novel, Reviving Joy.


Sylvia L. Thomson

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