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Panama, Latin America, Childhood Adventures, Panama Wildlife, 1968 Coup, Noriega Years, Canadian Refugees

Happenings and Mishappenings
Snapshots of my Life by Ricardo Conte-Oro

This book is not an autobiography but a collection of events and happenings that I experienced through my life. Many of them happened during my childhood. There are also more recent happenings. They are true and are as accurate as far as I can recall. Dates and ages are approximate as I didn't have a diary or any other written record to relay on. I tried not to be egocentric, narcissist, selfish or anything similar, but I was the main protagonist in this narrative; I was there. My siblings and other people may have similar and complementary stories, but it is up to them to write their part if they so desire.

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Ricardo Conte-Oro was born in Penonome, a small town in Panama. He was raised together with two brothers and a sister and lived there until age 13 when the family moved to Panama City, where he finished high school and then graduated as an Electro-Mechanical Engineer at the Panama National University. His has been an interesting life, full of mischief, adventure, and odd situations with people and animals. His seclusion during his teenage years made him develop a particular view of life that sometimes doesn't fit well with others. Nonetheless, he has managed to lead a successful and productive life where he has maneuvered and made changes from the back seat.


Ricardo Conte-Oro
Sammara Wallace
Ricardo Conte-Oro Jr.

What People are Saying

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