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Female role model, Female friendships, Forces of nature, Forest creatures, Moving to a new place, Overcoming fears, Strong girl protagonist

by L.M. Dougherty

Moving to a dusty old farmhouse in the country was not Freya’s idea, but her parents insisted she would grow to love their new life. Trying to make the best of it, she sets off to explore the forest that covers their acreage, envisioning endless adventures to come. There, she meets a creature named Fawn, whose soft voice and kindness lure her to him. Thinking she has made a strange new friend, she promises to return the next day—but Fawn has other ideas. Freya barely manages to escape his clutches and soon discovers that she is not the first child to fall into Fawn’s trap. Others wander the woods, their blank eyes staring longingly for freedom, tortured by Fawn’s grasp.

Tormented in her own home but unable to leave, Freya must find a way to defeat the monster without becoming another of Fawn’s lost souls.

"In this chilling novel, Dougherty tests young horror fans with a Brothers Grimm–style descent into a magical realm called the hollow. Her prose conveys the primordial wonder of the forest, as in the line “Shafts of sunlight that made it through the trees illuminated specks of dust that were floating in the air.” ... The author unspools deeper weirdness with the hollow, a labyrinthine inner wood where beings like Twitch, Meathead, and the enigmatic Root await discovery. A satisfying ending should have fans begging to learn what happens next.

With all the trappings of straightforward horror, this tale kicks down genre doors to become a glowing adventure."

- Kirkus Reviews

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L.M. Dougherty is an author and animal trainer, most recently with wolves used in the film industry. A lifelong reader, she loves the horror genre, especially its psychological qualities and ability to reflect human nature. She lives in Innisfail, Alberta, where she enjoys horseback riding and movies, and is working to complete a degree in psychology. Fawn is her first novel and the beginning of the ongoing Hollow series.


L.M. Dougherty

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