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Contemporary prose, Short Fiction, Mystery, Humour, Historical, Relationships, Murder mystery

TC's Tales
by Thomas McCavour

TC'S TALES is a collection of short stories ranging from murder and mystery to humor. "Jacqueline Found" outlines the problems of a young unmarried mother giving up her baby daughter for adoption and their final reunion as adults. "Lights Out" details the chaotic life of the Foley family living in a lighthouse on Georgian Bay. "Pushed" is a mystery thriller about an architect falling from a 60 story building. Was his death accidental or was he pushed? "Tithing" is a story about a charismatic preacher discovered as a thief. "Lobster Tales" is a humorous tale about Larry the lobster, who overcomes a disability by doing good deeds. "Checkmate" is a story about how the desire to win at any cost can lead to murder. "I'm a Piano" is a humorous story about the life story of a piano. In "Red Surge", Burton Davis has a compulsion to secretly kill anyone who annoys him. "Love Letters Lost" is a collection of letters, poems, songs and quotations exploring the meaning of love. And "Karen Calling" is a thrilling story about love, sailing, racing, hostage taking, escape and rescue.

Thomas McCavour is a Canadian novelist and play writer, with a background in engineering, construction and gardening. His recent novels include The Keyhole-The Adventures of Toots the Cat, Bloody Diamonds, the sequel Beyond Diamonds, Sing to Me David, the Power of 10 and Impact. McCavour is well known for his lectures on both engineering and gardening subjects. Recent motivational lectures include So You Want to Write Your Memoirs, Therapeutic Gardening for Zoomers and What To Do With Your Life, Before You Kick the Bucket.


Thomas McCavour

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