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Multiple reality, Parallel universe, Alternate reality, Parallel existence, Sci-fi novel, Sci-fi adventure, Multiverse novel

by D. R. Walker

Life is too short…or is it?

For Deacon Russell, it seems to have been extended indefinitely. Journey with this average-joe on a trip that will take you through time and reality itself. He was unwillingly placed in this situation where each reality he visits is vastly different and he encounters different versions of people he knew from his home.

This enthralling science-fiction adventure is highly thought provoking, action packed, and full of enough cliffhangers to give Silvester Stallone the chills. It also has tongue twisters and tricks of the pen that truly makes for a fun read.

Where will Deacon go to next? What kind of situation will he be in? Will he ever find his original reality and finally reunite with his loving family? Or will he be forever stuck, winding through reality in his Incessant existence?

D. R. Walker is a North Carolina native, loving father and husband, and avid reader who wants to share his world with you as his favorite authors have with him.


D. R. Walker

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