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Cultivate leadership, Becoming a leader, People matter, Defining leadership, Self-awareness, Leadership style, Leadership growth

Humanizing Leadership
Reflection Fuels, People Matter, Relationships Make The Difference by Hugh MacLeod

This book is not a leadership guide. It’s not some leadership 101 class that will draw you a picture of what a leader is supposed to look like and how you can learn to fit that mould.

This is a book that will change the way you look at leadership and at yourself. It strives to hold a mirror up to your beliefs about who you are, and leadership in general, to help you discover what sort of leader you were naturally destined to be. While this book uses leadership science authored by academics to anchor principles and concepts, paired with anecdotal insights and perspective garnered through a wealth of professional and executive leadership experience, it should be treated as an instrument for creating dialogue and discussion, and formulating the necessary questions to put your own assumptions to the test.

Reflection fuels, people matter, and relationships make a difference. These three threads are used to weave a tapestry of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Hugh MacLeod is a consummate learner, knowledge-exchange advocate, and lecturer, and has worked as Adjunct Professor at Griffith University Business School in Brisbane, Australia and Senior Fellow at the University of Toronto and Rotman School of Management, among other executive leadership positions.

With academic appointments providing an opportunity to engage in leadership conversations, Hugh has also authored and co-authored over 100 articles, essays, and papers on leadership and change. He greatly cherishes the teaching environment and the profound unveilings it brings forth. “For me, the creation of a safe and participatory environment is crucial for all participants―conditions that accommodate new conversations and the handling of possible trepidations.”

A sought-after speaker on public policy, leadership, and transformational strategy, Hugh pushes tenaciously to establish new narratives pertaining to change, transformation, and leadership.

Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor of the School of Population & Public Health at the University of British Columbia.


Hugh MacLeod

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