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Downs syndrome, Loss of child, Grief, Faith, Disability, Pregnancy, Motherhood

Don't Clone a Snowflake
by Rebecca Goudreault

One day I had a special delivery from heaven. I became the mother of a baby boy with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Joey just happened to have Down Syndrome, a heart defect and health issues. This story is a recap of only fifteen months with my special gift. I refer to Joey, as my special snowflake throughout this book. What may have seemed to be a tragedy, turned out to be the very opposite. The challenges came with many blessings as I experienced the wraparound presence and love of my Savior Jesus Christ. This is my testimony about a little snowflake that lives in my heart forever.

My experiences with my special delivery brought me into a closer walk with my heavenly Father. I would do over in a heartbeat.

My prayer is that this story will give others hope, build faith, and experience the love of God for themselves.

Mark 8:36 "For what will it profit a man of he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"

Matthew 16:26 (The Living Bible)

"What profit is there, if you gain the whole world - and lose eternal life?"

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The author is a Christian wife, mother and grandmother. At twenty eight years of age she had a Down Syndrome baby. After her personal introduction to the world of handicap children, she worked with special needs individuals for twenty three years. Now retired she continues to work occasionally with children and special need individuals. Rebecca’s favorite pastime is being a grandmother of her two grandsons.

The authors’ number one goal in life is to daily grow and walk in God’s supernatural love.


Rebecca Goudreault

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