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Lady Patricia's Experience with Relaxed and Natural Hair cover

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Hair care, afro hair care, hair care for black women, natural hair, afro hair techniques, relaxed hair, hair tips

Lady Patricia's Experience with Relaxed and Natural Hair
From Natural to Relaxed to Natural again by Patricia Atsonglo

Women with Afro kinky hair know firsthand the frustration that can come with trying to achieve long and healthy hairstyles. Many resort to relaxers to tame their hair, and some don’t feel that they have other options. In this valuable guide, Patricia Atsonglo gives her tips and advice based on years of research and the expertise of stylists, describing effective methods for common hairstyles for black women such as mesa, thread type, Afro and relaxed. Lady Patricia’s Experience with Relaxed and Natural Hair offers a fascinating history of black women’s hairstyles, while encouraging women to dare to try something different and give the beauty of natural hair a chance.

Patricia Atsonglo was born in Obuasi in Ghana, West Africa, and went to elementary and high school there before moving to North America. Over the years, she struggled with how to manage her hair before finally discovering the methods that worked for her to have natural, healthy hair. Lady Patricia’s Experience with Relaxed and Natural Hair is her first book—a guide to share what she’s learned.


Patricia Atsonglo
Alberta Farbi

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