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Stars in love, Newlyweds, Young friends and family, Romantic drama, Alcoholism and addiction, Child Abuse, Love against the odds

Whatever It Takes
The Sequel to Everything I Believed
by Jennifer Suzanne

After a whirlwind wedding at the beautiful Gallo estate in Bergamo, Italy, it seems that the drama that haunted Sam and Danny’s early relationship can finally be put behind them. They cannot know, as they fly to Paris – their first destination on a three-month European honeymoon – what awaits them in their first year of marriage.

Because uncovering trauma is not the same as healing from it.

As their best man Mark battles addiction in the face of harrowing memories, and Sam’s friend Stacey loses herself to his struggle, Sam and Danny must accept that their plans for happiness including world travel, a house by the ocean, and a family of their own will have to wait because their friends —their family—need them now more than ever. But can they really help?

With a storyline that takes you on a journey from Bergamo to Paris, Toronto, L.A, Banff, and Vancouver Island, join Sam and Danny as they navigate married life—at once glamorous and not glamorous at all—in all its exciting and heartbreaking beauty in the long-awaited sequel to Everything I Believed.

"A sensitive, engaging, and extremely well-constructed story . . . Jennifer writes about challenging issues with empathy, realism, and respect. She has succeeded in achieving a satisfying romantic drama with just the right amount of suspense.”

- Kate Juniper

"Whatever It Takes is a romance novel with a spine. The author very appropriately weaves love, challenge, trauma, adventure, and travel with the same determination needed to face addiction, depression and mental-health issues. This is Jennifer Suzanne's second book - a sequel to Everything I Believed. Her writing whets your appetite to find out more about the financially-privileged lives of her main characters - Sam & Danny, Stacey & Mark - so much so that you cannot stop thinking about them all. This story wonderfully challenges the obstacles and boundaries of love and friendship to an extremely admirable degree. An excellent sequel".

- Margaret Gregory Bird (Author, Editor, Poet, Publisher & Reviewer)

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Drawing inspiration from the music, books, and experiences that have influenced her life, Jennifer Suzanne writes passionately about love, grief, depression, addiction, mental health, and faith—to name but a few.

Jennifer has lived all across Canada, in no less than ten cities, and currently resides in Ontario with her husband and three children. Whatever It Takes is her second book - the sequel to her acclaimed first novel Everything I Believed. To learn more, visit her website:


Jennifer Suzanne

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