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poetry, the human condition, love and loss, honest poetry, Eye Love You collection, photos and poems, romantic poetry

by Charlie Toth

EYE LOVE YOU examines the human condition as a series of experiences that we all share, like love, loss, friendship, relationships, children, parents, family, pain, rage, kindness, generosity, attention, dedication, service and hard work. The answer to most questions is love. We just have to be clever enough to figure out the right questions to ask. It is ok to say that we love. We are feeling, thinking, and passionate beings. As the author, Charlie hopes that when you read EYE LOVE YOU, you can access your thoughts, recall deep memories and allow yourself to feel again. Feel the word-pictures that he paints, and remember, dream, feel those of your feelings which may have laid dormant and have not been accessed in a very long time. "Some people go through life without ever feeling a kiss, caress, a warm hug, or the love of another human being." He would like this book to be that warm hug, soft caress, or deep passionate kiss that one longs for while daydreaming. It is ok to laugh, cry and everything in between when you read poetry. It is your journey. Take your time and...enjoy!

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Charlie Toth has always been inspired by the intricacies of poignant perspectives. Empathetic by nature, he has spent his life helping others. An immigrant from Hungary, Charlie arrived in Canada with his family at the age of 10, where Montreal and Laval quickly became home. He took a chance and moved to Pennsylvania to play football and to finish his high school education. Charlie returned to Canada and attended Saint Mary’s University, where he both played and eventually coached football. After graduating, Charlie spent time teaching English in Japan, an experience he found profound, and one that furthered his perspective on universal life experiences and being in the moment. Charlie then spent over a decade as a youth care worker and welfare caseworker, job developer, before starting his own company, Kaizen Life Coaching. Charlie settled in Halifax and is the proud single dad of two bright and energetic boys, Andrew and Kyle. He hopes his poetry will guide readers on their own unique emotional journeys and make them smile.


Charlie Toth
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