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Sympathy for the Reaper
by S. R. Magee

What if one day you knew that death was coming for you, and there was nothing you could do to stop it? This is the very situation in which Ronnie Cahill finds himself. Alone and scared, he takes refuge in a seedy motel, with death in hot pursuit. Time grows short for the hapless Cahill. Then, a knock on the door. Who or what awaits him on the other side? Is it imminent doom, or is it salvation? Answers to many questions are uncovered and revealed, questions that should have remained buried. Prepare yourself for a strange journey of discovery into a dysfunctional family tree, one in which the leaves and branches are withered, tainted, and deformed.

It was a dark night in October 2012 when this story began to take shape. The setting for its birth was perfect—an old barn being used as a Halloween attraction (the Barn of Terror). That season, author S.R. Magee was playing the part of a zombie doctor. The year 2012 was probably one of the worst years of his life, and his mind was fertile with dark thoughts. One slow night at the barn, he began thinking ... this would be an awesome place for a horror story. Chapter Three, “A Prayer for Rain,” was born on that very night. By 2015, he finally sat down to create a maze of stories based on things that had occurred in his life—actual events, but with a supernatural twist. Welcome to the warped world of Ronnie Cahill!

"Great read! Got totally absorbed in the story! Loved the characters! Can't wait for the sequel!" - K. Brooks

"I think you will be up there with Stephen King someday! Like the way you present the story lines! Awesome!" - L. Orsulich - Melville

"I felt like I was in the room watching the main character's every move!" - K. Gambino

S.R. Magee is a big fan of horror movies and books. Born and raised in New York State’s Hudson Valley, he is a native son of Saugerties, NY, which served as the inspiration for the fictional town of Tillson Crossing in this book. When he’s not imbibing or crafting tales of horror and suspense, he enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Jennifer, and her daughter. Sympathy for the Reaper is the first book in the Lexington County series. Book two, The Lexington County Files, is currently available on Amazon as an e-book.


S. R. Magee

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