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Inspirational words and phrases, Daily affirmation, Meaning in words, Reflection, Spiritual journey, Positive focus, Love of self and others

Soul Words
by Michelle Sierens

Many people have experienced a great trauma or sadness at some point in their lives, while others struggle continually with low self-esteem or addiction. These traumas and struggles lead people to waste a lot of their time each day focusing on negative thoughts or even just cluttering their minds with nonsense. Author Michelle Sierens has been on a journey of healing and on this journey she has discovered the intense power of words and positive thinking.

What began as a pastime to take the author away from negative thoughts floating around in her mind has evolved into this book. Soul Words provides 365 daily affirmations that focus on a single word and break it down to find deeper meaning and opportunities for reflection. The words are meant to slow you down and urge you to ponder the words you use every day and the meanings behind them. It is the author’s hope that you too will find these Soul Words to be inspiring, positive, and interesting.

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Michelle Sierens is an avid reader and writer. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who adores her family. She loves the early morning and finds inspiration in the forest around her home in Northern Alberta where she lives with her husband. This is her first book.


Michelle Sierens

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