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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

sexual abuse, speaking out, trauma, courage, empowerment, overcoming stigma of abuse, banishing shame and silence

Give That Child A Mouth
by Frederic L. Oliver

Give That Child A Mouth is a powerful piece of children's literature. It utilizes the routine thread of loose rhyme to create a written work of embroidery that is absolutely captivating! This exciting read teaches a lesson to children - it's okay to tell someone when you are hurting.

Meet Little Freddy: Little Freddy is forever running away in tears, and without a voice for years, trying to escape a mysterious character named Mouthy. But Mouthy has something that could change Little Freddy's life, if he would only stop running long enough to find out.

This fascinating short story interactively encourages its audience to shout,"Give that child a mouth!" Furthermore; it invites its readers to go on an adventure to a place where silence can no longer thrive.

Frederic L. Oliver photo

Frederic L. Oliver has been married to his lovely wife, Africa Jean Oliver, for almost nineteen, going on twenty years. They love and enjoy eight children, plus seven grandchildren. Frederic has spent the majority of his adult years working with adolescents, and with the Department Of Mental Health. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business. One of the highlights of his life was having the opportunity to work with a program, categorically referred to as, "Restorative Justice", where he was able to participate in seminars and speak as a "Victor Awareness" speaker.


Frederic L. Oliver

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