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Romantic encounter, Dating, Prison, Incarcerated, Difficult decisions, Friendship, Loneliness

Ten Years to Life
by Cheryl E. Lee

Denise Rush has been in love with Gerald Williams all of her adult life. She supported him through his days of partying, months of unemployment and years of bad decisions. Their love and future is tested, however, when Gerald finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A mistake that ultimately lands him in prison for twenty years.

With parole possible in ten years, Denise vows to remain faithful and wait for her love. But when ten years turns into eleven years and eleven into twelve, Denise begins to realize the impact prison is having on her life and wonders if she and Gerald will ever really have a realistic future.

Consumed with loneliness as Gerald completes his conviction, and at the urging of friends, Denise decides to test the dating waters. She quickly realizes however that dating is not what she expected and it quickly became an experience that was far worse than waiting on Gerald to get out of prison. That is until she runs into an old high school friend, Malcolm Anderson. As Malcolm and Denise rekindle their friendship, feelings of love and romance blossom reminding Denise that she has unmet desires. Desires that Gerald can’t fulfill. As her love for Malcolm grows, her loyalty to Gerald begins to fade.

Will Gerald return to her life before their love is lost or will Malcolm steal her heart forever?

Ten Years to Life is a funny, intimate, sexual love story that takes the reader into the realities of dating while successful and single. It’s a romantic, laugh out loud journey that every reader will enjoy.

Cheryl Lee is a native of Bastrop, Texas, where she lives with her son Nicholas. She has a BA in Health Administration and is currently working on an EMBA at Prairie View A&M University. She has worked in the Communication industry for more than 25 years, is engaged in her community serving as a Commissioner on the Bastrop Planning and Zoning Committee, and advocating for social justice and worker rights through membership with grass roots organizations.

In her free time she loves to go to the movies, binge watch her favorite TV series, and travel.

Her passion for writing developed from her love of music and poetry. Growing up, she could often be found in her room writing down the words of love songs and poems. To her, the words were more than just a verse, they told a story. Those stores and life experiences compelled her to write a love story that every person reading her book can relate to.


Cheryl E. Lee

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