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Self-discovery, Motherhood, Aging, Love and loss, Family drama, Wasaga Beach, Guadeloupe

Place in the Sun
by Sheila Horne

“Every good or bad decision we make leads us one step closer to

exactly where we’re supposed to be in life.”

—Sheila Horne, Sunshine Girls

After a curveball turns her quiet, tidy little life inside out, Ella Shaw steps off the ferry onto Marie-Galante and falls in love with the Caribbean island. It’s where she wants to start over and make new memories. But how can she when her past keeps popping back into her life, and when her daughter, Danielle, and her granddaughter, Hannah, seem to be following in her footsteps when it comes to relationships? Then there’s Amor, the yoga instructor who makes her face her unhappiness, and Stephanie, a former Miss Georgia Peach and the epitome of a southern belle, who pushes her back into the dating circle. Although Ella dips her toe in, the reappearance of the man who shattered her heart years ago threatens to derail her emotionally. When her dream of turning an old island sugar estate into a hotel and living in a beach house falls apart, Ella has to decide: Take a loss and add it to all the shoulda-dones in her life? Or go for the gamble and let her risky decisions lead her to where she’s supposed to be?

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Sheila Horne was raised on a sugar estate in the British West Indies, and in Bryan, Texas. In her mid-teens she moved to Toronto, Canada, with her family. She is the author of two novels: Sunshine Girls and Paper Sun, and the co-author of Temple of Light, a book of poems about the Sharon Temple. Her poems and short stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies. Sheila lives in Markham, Ontario, with her husband and dog. She loves to inspire people to write and facilitates writing workshops in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Sheila Horne
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