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adoption, autobiography, life story, stutter, family anecdotes, the Netherlands, Vanderwoude

The Life and Times of Lorne W P Vanderwoude
The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction by Lorne W.P Vanderwoude

Life can be hard at the best of times, and throw obstacles in our paths that seem like more than we can bear. Lorne W.P. Vanderwoude has had to overcome more than his fair share of obstacles. Given up for adoption by a schizophrenic mother who had no choice in the matter, he was lucky enough to be welcomed into a strong family with an even stronger faith. But faith, on its own, is not enough. It can't lift you over life’s hurdles or help you to navigate the twists and turns that threaten to send you down the wrong paths. But what it can do is give you the strength to get over the hurdles on your own, and the light by which you can steer your life to where it was always meant to take you.

Combined with hope, dreams, and a determination to never give up, Lorne found a way through the obstacles and over the hurdles, and through it all, managed to never give up on himself or on a world that never made things easy.

This is his story.

"You can never argue with experience." Theo Stad, Leadership Team Member of the Camrose Church of God

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Born in Alberta, Canada in 1968, at the old Red Deer Hospital, Lorne W.P. Vanderwoude has led a challenging and interesting life, which led him down a number of social and professional paths, and eventually to Gwen, the love of his life and best friend, with whom he lives in Camrose, Alberta.

He enjoys reading and writing letters to the editor, and is very pleased to be publishing this, his fourth book. He would like to offer his readers this simple advice, which he has all found makes all the difference: “No matter what happens to you in your life, never, never give up.”


Lorne W.P Vanderwoude
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Lorne W.P Vanderwoude

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