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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Children, Vegetables, Farm, Garden, Friendship, Working together, Farmers’ Market

The Garden Crew Go to the Farmers' Market
by Carolyn Harris

The Garden Crew are back! And their 'pop pop' friend Corny is in trouble. Oh no! How far would you go to save a friend? Would you face getting squashed, or falling off the rafters, or digging through a barrel full of spiders and fleas? The Garden Crew must decide!

Plus, you will meet Broccolita, a diva broccoli! With dreams in her head of living in a castle and being treated like a Queen, she finds herself on a dirty floor in the Market complaining to a mouse. Will she survive? Find out in this latest story of The Garden Crew.

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Carolyn Harris a retired teacher, was born in McAdam, but now lives in Saint John, New Brunswick.This book is the second in a series. All our favorite characters are back, and this time their courage is tested. Just as we are tested everyday, they, too, must decide what to do. Are they brave enough to stick up for their friend? Are they brave enough to do the right thing? Find out how each member of the Garden Crew faces their fear!

In Carolyn’s third book, The Garden Crew Meet Stanley, you will meet a fun-loving seal who will “ORT,ORT,ORT” his way into your heart. In the midst of all the rollicking fun, Stanley, the little seal

gets caught in plastic. Oh, No! Can the Garden Crew save him? Let’s hope so!


Carolyn Harris

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