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Kaiya's Wild Journey cover

1. Paperback Edition
  • Standard Color
  • 20 pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Children’s fiction, Young readers, Action and adventure, Kid’s adventure stories, Animal stories, Inspirational children’s fiction, Kids and animals

Kaiya's Wild Journey
by Keith Jensen

Join an adventurous and resourceful young girl on her big adventure! When Kaiya is playing near the river by herself she accidentally ends up floating in a canoe downstream. Lost and alone, she must seek the guidance of several friendly and kind-hearted animals. With their help, she sets off to find her way back to her home at the top of the mountain. Kaiya’s Wild Journey is a story of courage and hope, and teaches children important life values and respect for nature.

Keith and Cynthia Jensen were born in Canada and raised in beautiful British Columbia. They met in Vancouver and have been soul mates for over seventeen years. They have backgrounds in traditional arts and are computer graphics professionals. In their nineteen-year careers, they have been involved in numerous projects for television, feature films and video games. Their first child, Kaiya, inspired them to write and illustrate Kaiya’s Wild Journey. Keith and Cynthia believe strongly in the value of children’s literacy and hope this book will spark kids’ interest in animals and the outdoors.


Keith Jensen
Cynthia Jensen

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