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    • Children’s social issues,
    • Children’s gender identity,
    • Transgender children,
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The Secret Wish of Dragon H
by Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet

Horus is a very social dragon. He has many friends and is busy with lots of activities that he enjoys. Horus seems happy—but he’s not. When he’s home, by himself, Horus is actually a very sad dragon. You see, Horus has a secret wish. For as long as he can remember, Horus has yearned for wings. But only girl dragons have wings, and Horus learned when he was just a small dragon that he shouldn’t even think of having wings of his own. So it seems that poor Horus’ wish will never, ever come true. Then one day a dragon with the most beautiful rainbow wings comes to speak at Horus’ church, and suddenly Horus has a chance to be truly happy, after all. The Secret Wish of Dragon H, a delightful story in its own right, is also an educational tool that will be welcomed by parents, educators, and faith communities who are looking for a gentle, age-appropriate way to help children begin to understand transgender identity. A discussion guide for parents and teachers is included, with questions to help deepen children’s understanding and to serve as a springboard to conversation.

"This book will help so many young children and their families. As an educator of young children, I will use this book as a learning tool in my classrooms and for my families. The real life symbolism is on point. Dragon H pulls you at your heart strings and is so relatable to all of us in some way." Lauren Kay, Director of Religious Education "What a courageous book! The dragon's transformation - Horus to Harriet - is imaginative and will delight young listeners. And the community involvement, the same before and after -  with the added joy of being one's true self - yes! This is the kind of message our children need, in order to navigate with courage the diversity of gender identity." Carol

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Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet is the Director of Religious Education at Westwood Unitarian Congregation in Edmonton, Alberta. Much of her professional life is spent creating socially and culturally relevant learning materials for children of all ages. Telling stories through carefully thought-out imagery is one of her favourite ways of sharing positive messaging. A life-long advocate for freedom of thought, creative expression, and random acts of love, Ilara strives to create accepting and loving environments where all people feel welcome —in her church, at home, and within her greater community. As a member of both the queer and disability communities, Ilara finds inspiration in the diversity of life. Her passions include writing, alternative models of living, gift giving, community building, and experiencing life in all its forms of beauty.


Ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet

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