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Memoir, life story, rural Québec, 40s and 50s, St. Lawrence River, growing up, Québécois family

If the Rocks Could Talk
The stories they might tell by Rollande Imbeault Ruston

The St Lawrence River, a constant presence during the author’s childhood, serves as a backdrop to her personal stories, along with inherited anecdotes from her older siblings. Rollande’s close relationship with her family depicted through vivid vignettes, are humorous and at times unexpected. Besides painting an evocative portrait of a time and place, she intersperses historical facts, unique customs, and eccentricities of the French Canadian culture.

This book is an honest and affectionate depiction of life in rural Québec before the advent of modern conveniences in the first half of the 1900’s. While the rest of the country had embraced the modern world, the Gaspe peninsula was still isolated and lagging behind the times.

This book will trigger memories in older readers who lament the passing of a simpler life. Younger audiences living in this high-tech world will be captivated to learn how different life was in Quebec only two generations ago.

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The author Rollande Ruston, née Imbeault, was born in 1937 in the lower St Lawrence region of the Gaspé peninsula. She was the last of eight children and was raised on a farm three miles from the closest village of Grosses Roches.

With a desire to become bilingual, she came to Toronto in 1959 to learn English, and eventually made it her home. She is married, has three children and five grandchildren who are keenly anticipating the unveiling of her story.


Rollande Imbeault Ruston

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