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  • 120 pages
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Wrinkles of Laughter
by Della L. Dickie

Wrinkles of Laughter is the second book of humourous poetry by Della L. Dickie. Her poems display some real-life situations and some tales of woe created from her very active imagination. If you like to laugh, this book is for you. Take a break, sit down, put your feet up and enjoy.

Find out why:

a garden party incident caused mortification

a singing debut went terribly wrong

some Scottish sheep are going on strike

Gummy Bears created a big problem

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come”.

—William Shakespeare

Della L. Dickie photo

Della lives in Black Diamond, Alberta with her husband Al. Her first book of poems entitled “Splatology” was well received. The Millarville Community Church Writing Group has been essential in encouraging her to share her humour once again by publishing more poems in a second book. As well as writing poetry, she also likes to photograph the beautiful area of Alberta she lives in. These two hobbies keep her active and enjoying life.


Della L. Dickie

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