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Authentic Self, Life's Purpose, Life's Mission, Path to Success, Personal Empowerment, Motivational, Self Help

Your Soul's Quest
Career Counselling for the Soul by Rod C Ezekiel

Do you want to find your Soul’s purpose and connect with your life’s mission? Are you stuck and feeling as if there should be more to life? Do you long for greatness, fulfillment, and a life that lifts your spirit? In Your Soul’s Quest, author Rod C Ezekiel integrates metaphysics with powerful success principles, taking you on an internal journey to discover your heart’s deep love and the answers within the depths of your soul. Using exercises, stories, and Rod’s gentle guidance, you will unlock the secrets hidden within you to find your authentic self and create a miraculous, new life. Your Soul’s Quest offers answers to questions such as: How do you uncover the inborn soul strengths and genius that are linked to your purpose? How do you find alignment with your love to create authentic, meaningful goals? Through identifying what internal values you carry, you will come to understand why you make the decisions you do, and you’ll learn how to rewire your belief system to replace limiting thoughts with boundlessly successful ones. By the end of the journey, you will comprehend your mission and purpose and be poised to embark on a life of significance with greater joy and wondrous creativity. Let’s begin!

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Rod C Ezekiel is an entrepreneur, executive, professional speaker, nutritionist, and Mind, Body, and Spirit coach. He has been involved in business and wellness for over twenty-five years. Throughout his long and varied career, Rod has studied principles of success, human behavior, and metaphysics. In his coaching and workshops, and now in Your Soul’s Quest, Rod translates this knowledge to help others enjoy more joyful and abundant lives. His goal is to help people gain a greater understanding of themselves, to learn what success means to them, and to ascertain their lives’ missions. For more information go to


Rod C Ezekiel

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