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Biculturalism, Societal malaise, Collective individuality, Post-humanism, Deconstructing humanity, Relational language, Generational gap

Being 2.0
On Culture, Belonging, and Identity
by Razique Mahroua

To which degree does said culture define oneself and one’s choices? Can one shed the layers of cultural conditioning past the thickness education creates?

Being 2.0 aims to reflect on such questions and offer the reader a transpersonal experience fed by an in-depth work of deconstruction. Being 2.0 is the retelling of the author’s story, son of immigrants who moved from Algeria to France, and of the author’s reflections and struggles to belong in cultures which seldom speak to him. The book unravels the complexity of biculturalism and its impact for a generation of people for whom geographical boundaries are getting thinner while the hyper-connected world expands.

Razique Mahroua is a young intellectual who sees his work as a necessity for the rejection of the status quo, as a catharsis of principle in a socially accepted form. His passion for sociology, anthropology, psychology and the history of religion allows him to untangle the social narratives that condition us all to some degree.

Born into the rebellion of social conflicts between two cultures, his work questions the architecture of society and its social determinism as an attempt to find new answers in a paradoxical predicament.


Razique Mahroua
Paloma Vita

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