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Fantasy + female protagonist, Magic, Dragon(s), Elemental speak, Fire speak, Crowned Wizard, Isloe

An Ocean Of Fire
by Katrina R.W.

Eldene is a contemplative teen who has a natural ability to control fire. She apprentices with the mysterious wizard Martin and encounters many wonders in the fantasy world of Proterra, including sea serpents, a dragon and a giant snail. Dark magic embodied by evil unicorns is spreading from the elven kingdom of Goldmyst. Eldene and Martin explore themes of life, death, nature and identity along their adventure that carries them into a new era.

Katrina was the kid who was always using her imagination to enhance her reality. This imagination led to many stories, sketches and maps. Although most burned out over time, one stuck and later grew into Katrina’s first book: An Ocean Of Fire. Despite living in the prairies, she has a love for the ocean and its animals. She desires to bring a sense of wonder into the world with her writing.


Katrina R.W.

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