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Fantasy, Young adult fantasy, Teen fiction, Teen fantasy, Young adult fiction, Adventure, Action and adventure

Fall of the Fierce
by Matthew Donovan

When Alvar, an amateur hunter, joins the seasoned warriors of Ferox on their mission to find the source of the plague that has struck their ancient land, he has no idea that they will face many harrowing obstacles. Hunting dangerous creatures, like the fierce Agog Bear, is commonplace for the primitive tribe but this time they will encounter something even more alarming than the beasts. With the fate of their people in their hands, they must make the most challenging decisions of their lives: Should they choose to do what is right or what has the best chance of helping their tribes survive? And will joining forces with their most abominable enemies help the greater good or cause more strife and suffering?

Matthew Donovan’s childhood dream of seeing a bear in the wild came true while travelling through northern Ontario. From that moment forward, he began to wonder what life in a prehistoric land among vicious bears would be like. His imagination took over and his debut novel, Fall of the Fierce was born. Matthew is 15 years old and loves writing, drawing maps and conjuring up elaborate fantasy worlds.


Matthew Donovan

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