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Religious mystery, Investigative journalism, Church corruption, Spirituality, Alternative futures, Spirituality versus Religion, Religious dogma

The Source
by Jim Winslett

"Your holy books are fiction. The rules you follow are not Mine. I am not pleased."

These are the words delivered simultaneously by dozens of faith leaders around the world one morning. The leaders speak as if in a trance. They have no recollection of the event in the aftermath. They represent nearly every religion.

In the wake of that strange event the debate reverberates around the world. Is it a message from God? Is it a hoax? What do we do now?

Ivan Carter, editor of the Riverside Post newspaper, pairs up two young reporters to find the answers to the world’s questions. In Thelo and Christine’s search for the truth they meet people from all walks of life and faith, each of whom, it seems, is guarding a dangerous secret or two. And when a mysterious girl who calls herself The One appears—first in Ivan’s dreams and then in his living room—the questions get a whole lot more complicated.

Can she see the future? The fate of the world may depend on the answer since, she assures them, humanity’s time on earth is almost up.

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Jim Winslett posed himself a question: What would happen if God spoke to us in modern times, and how would it affect us if what was said wasn't what we wanted to hear? The Source is the exciting, dramatic, thought-provoking and intelligent novel that is his answer.

Winslett travels the world in search of the best roller coasters, which he writes about at Those travels, his seventeen years as a church musician and director, plus almost thirty years as a UPS driver have afforded him a diverse pool of people and cultures to draw from when creating complex, yet believable characters for his book.

The Source is his first novel.


Jim Winslett

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