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Follow Your Bliss
The Life and Times of a Family Doctor by Donald Hodder

Dr. Donald Hodder has woven tales of joy and sorrow, humour and fulfillment into this compelling memoir. He practised family medicine for over forty-five years, all of it in his native Newfoundland. During his career, he kept many notebooks detailing his experiences. These became the foundation for this book. In studied prose and lilting verse, with integrity and compassion, he interlaces autobiographical material with social commentary on people and happenings in his life. He witnessed a broad spectrum of human conditions: the mundane, the miraculous, the physical, the psychological, and the social. He feels immensely honoured to have shared in the most intimate aspects of daily life with thousands of patients for so long. He is, at times, absolutely serious, skillfully witty, and hilariously funny. You are invited to sit at his table of memories and be entertained, enlightened, and enriched. Enjoy!

Tales of Joy and Sorrow Challenges and Achievements Humour and Fulfillment

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Donald Hodder was born and raised in a small outport in southern Newfoundland. He was destined to become a carpenter, a teacher, a preacher, a physician, and a comforter of the sick, the sad, and the lonely. But he never walked on water—except in the winter time. Eventually, he was privileged to attend Dalhousie University Medical School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He graduated in 1969, and became a family physician, the first person from his community to do so. Donald and his wife, Joan, to whom he has been married for fifty-four years, continue to live in Newfoundland. They have two adult children and three grandchildren.


Donald Hodder

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