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sexual abuse, clergy, Christianity, church, faith, healing, counselling

Broken and Beautiful
by Kristal Chalmers

The Japanese have an ancient tradition called kintsugi. Instead of discarding a beautiful bowl that has been broken, they use gold to repair it, creating a vessel that is unique and even more valuable than before. Kintsugi illustrates the truth that nothing is ever truly broken beyond repair. Rather than hiding the brokenness, the gold creates something new and cherished.

Broken and Beautiful tells a tale of clergy sexual abuse and the aftermath of pain and suffering it creates, but the story doesn’t end there. The powerful, healing touch of God’s hand brings beauty from emotional desolation, and joy from the depths of sorrow. Kristal Chalmers has experienced this first-hand, and she and her mother, Eileen Peters, are sharing this story for the first time in the hopes that it will bring healing to others who are walking this journey alone. Broken and Beautiful provides a riveting, passionate, and inspiring account of the wonder and majesty of God’s unfailing grace.

Kristal Chalmers is a Worship Leader and Music Teacher. She lives in Alberta with her husband and three children.

Eileen Peters has spent over twenty-five years working as a Certified Professional Counsellor. The author of Standing in the Stillness, she desires to use her writing to bring God’s love and healing to a broken, hurting world. She and her husband live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


Kristal Chalmers
Eileen Peters

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