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Molly The Beautiful Pig Meets Totem
by Marilyn Ferrett

Being beautiful was a lot of work,

but Molly was never too busy

for a visit with her friends.

Sometimes, they had exciting news to share.

Sometimes, they had funny stories to tell.

Sometimes, they were sad together,

and sometimes, they would just sing





Molly's friends visit every morning. Will a strange new friend upset the balance of things?

Molly the Beautiful Pig Meets Totem is an inspiring story about a toy pig with a kind heart.

Ages 4-8.

Marilyn continues her dedication to early learning with the release of the second in a series of captivating, introspective picture books about a young pig with a kind heart.

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Marilyn developed an appreciation for hard work and simplicity early in life. She now resides in a busy city with her husband and two exceptional stuffies, Molly and Totem. Cat (the cat) figures prominently in her stories and would be her cat of choice if she could make it so.

If you would like to know when the next book in the series is available, please visit Marilyn’s website where you can sign up to receive an email announcing its release.


Marilyn Ferrett

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