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Retirement Social Network
by Dorian A. Joyal

When most hear the word “retirement” they dream of what it will look like. Future retirees talk about vacations, relaxing, and taking time to complete jobs they never had time to finish when they worked full-time. Some others may have some financial fears, thinking that they may never be ready; how much is enough? Whatever you think retirement is there are some realities. Since a person can only take so many vacations, eventually you need to determine how to spend your time at home and in your community. This book will provide you a guide to assist you in retirement and ensure your later years have social activities and opportunities to develop relationships within your community. Aspects covered in this book include preventing social isolation, creating social opportunities, and recreation at any age.

My experiences have provided me the knowledge and understanding of how important socializing and activities are in later life. I have now moved into an adult living building and am in the process of creating the social aspects within my community. These experiences have now provided me the ability to write this book.


Dorian A. Joyal
Trevor Joyal

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