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Life crises, Kindness, Compassion, Poetry, Suffering, Vulnerability, Human spirit

Strength and Vulnerability
by Ken Westdorp

Strength and Vulnerability employs strong visual imagery to highlight emotions and reach the soul of the reader. whose utilizing many years of experience volunteering to help out those living on the streets and in make shift shelters in the growing metropolis of Surrey, BC. This two-part collection uncovers the human soul’s emotional pursuit of balance in lives often weighed down with negativity. Through his words, we understand the struggle is universal, despite reflexive efforts to present a stoic exterior.

Here is a poetic tribute to the poignant experiences of people who live in the shadows around us, whose needs to be loved and respected are every bit as legitimate as those of their more conventionally successful counterparts. Here is poverty, pain, and most of all compassion.

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Ken Westdorp was born and raised in Surrey, BC. In the last decade he moved to the Whalley neighbourhood of this fast-growing Western Canadian city. There, he took notice of the bleak poverty around the area and determined, with his wife, Ardita, to not turn away. They became involved as volunteers with NIGHTSHIFT Ministries, a charitable organization that’s been providing nightly outreach for people stuck in the cycle of poverty, addiction, and homelessness since 2004.

His experience volunteering with the less fortunate has given Ken a broader sense of humanity and its perils. The poetry he penned in response considers compassion, love, understanding, and the paradox of denying ourselves vulnerability in order not to appear weak in a situations that call for strength. Understanding this truth expanded Ken’s heart on all fronts. This book is a product of my journey toward transformation.


Ken Westdorp

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