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    • 978-1-4602-9888-6
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  • Keywords
    • Pink Purse,
    • Diversity,
    • Equity,
    • Discrimination,
    • Racism,
    • Bullying,
    • Homophobia

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The Pink Purse
by Julie Pehar

Based on a true story, The Pink Purse is a whimsical story about diversity and inclusion told through the voice of The Pink Purse. Find out where The Pink Purses’ new owner Kallie takes her and what playfulness and kindness always seem to follow. What are the important lessons The Pink Purse teaches Kallie about how people can be different from each other and how to spread love over hatred? Read on to find out if you can feel the spirited effects of the soft, feathery Pink Purse too.

Julie Pehar is a professor at Sheridan College in Ontario, an educator, consultant, business owner and promoter of all things equity. Julie’s debut children’s book “The Pink Purse” is a labour of love— inspired by a true story and her passion for fun, frolic and unbridled silliness. The pink purse resides in Julie’s closet to this day. The story is based on the real-life experiences of its owner, Katherine Joss and a darling pink purse she bought for some special events. Completely unexpectantly, Katherine noticed that people were having an outrageously silly and unabashed reaction to the purse, which repeated unprovoked at each event. Girlfriend generosity, combined with the makings of a great social experiment, prompted Katherine to loan the purse to Julie for her upcoming special occasion and the frolicking continued. The pink purse, once again, stole the show and was approached by strangers, stroked, tickled, twirled and photographed. It was clear, when others were in the presence of the pink purse, something glorious happened, where smiles, laughter and playfulness ensued without consciousness or caution. In jest, Katherine and Julie surmised that the appeal of this soft, sweet purse was too magnetic to forget and the idea for a children’s book was born… Julie lives in Oakville Ontario with her ever-growing and amazing family. She can be reached at


Julie Pehar
Veronika Milne

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