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Historical Fiction, Catholic, Jewish, Vatican, special needs, Christian life, family and relationships

The Holy Family
by JB McKenna

Three siblings, orphaned at a young age and raised by devoted and very religious foster parents, gravitate in adulthood to service in the Catholic Church.

Reverend John McCord, a Franciscan priest teaching in Tokyo, falls in love with one of his students and applies to leave his order so he can marry. At the request of the Holy See, he travels to the Vatican with his siblings, Monsignor Jerome McCord and Sister Maria McCord, a St. Joseph nun, all to be interviewed at length about his request, an event that is taken with great offense by their vengeful Cardinal.

Overnight, Monsignor Jerome McCord finds himself ejected from his comfortable life to play second in command in a New York parish beset with serious social and crime issues. Meanwhile, his sister, the nun, suffers a similar fate.

As the three seek to find meaning in the life-altering changes confronting them, they accept that each has a divine mission, if only they can find it. Their ability to adapt, survive, and ultimately thrive in a changing world, including the 1962 historic, Catholic ecumenical Vatican II council, will keep readers turning the pages as each seeks to find their path and direction in each of their new lives.

J.B. McKenna is a long-time resident of southern California. He is the fiction author of The Bench: An American Story. Over the years, he has also written peer-reviewed articles that have been published in a variety of financial journals. This is his second historical fiction novel.


JB McKenna

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