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Murder, mystery, suspense, amnesia, prison, police officer

The Blackstone Project
by Dalia Rahm

When an escaped felon turns up at the local hospital with a concussion, the local sheriff’s office believes she is the victim of a violent assault.

Unable to remember her past, where she came from or who hurt her, Sarah Blackstone is returned to the Department of Corrections. As she embarks on her own journey of self-discovery and navigates life behind bars, she pieces together her past and searches for acceptance and a place to belong. Her faith in herself, her memories and the system will be tested.

Just when she sees a light at the end of that long dark tunnel, a body is discovered, and her prints are on the murder weapon. To prove her innocence she must remember, and there are those who would prefer she did not remember.

Dalia Rahm lives in Toronto with her husband and enjoys sailing on Lake Ontario. This is Dalia’s first novel and she is currently working on a sequel to The Blackstone Project.


Dalia Rahm

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