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Baby bear, Mama bear, Lullaby, Love, Protection, Mother and baby, Finding a lost little one

Mama Bear's Lullaby
by Loretta A Nelson

Mama Bear's Lullaby is a sweet story of a mama bear's love and protection for her newborn baby bear. Each day Mama Bear teaches Baby Bear all he needs to know to survive and flourish in the woods. And each night Baby Bear falls asleep safe within the circle of his mama's love listening to her lullaby. But one day things change and Baby Bear finds himself all alone in the woods. He is scared and cold and cannot sleep knowing his mama is not nearby. Baby Bear wonders if he will ever hear his Mama's lullaby again.

The love of a mother is a powerful thing. This story was written in honor of moms who love, care and protect their little ones. Loretta Nelson, the author of this story has been the director at the Crisis Pregnancy Centre (a non-profit organization) in Brandon, Manitoba for almost twelve years. In that time she has met and talked with many young women about pregnancy and motherhood. In her personal life, Loretta and her husband, Warren adopted their amazing son when he was just two months old and their love and bond with him was immediate and deeply felt. Whether through natural birth, adoption or fostering, this story reminds us of the power of a mother's (and father's) love. This story was written on behalf of a team of women who felt strongly about offering help to expectant moms. In 2015 this team of women established the Kairos Maternity Home in Brandon, Manitoba which offers housing and support to pregnant women as they prepare for the birth of their baby. When you purchase this book, all royalties go directly to supporting the Kairos Maternity Home and the expectant and new moms living there. The team of the Kairos Maternity Home thanks you for supporting this vital, life-changing service. Love like a mama bear!


Loretta A Nelson
Kourtney Bartel

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