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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

African fable, African morality tale, African folktale, African stories with moral lessons, short African story, obeying parents, listening to parents’ advice

Princess Fatimeh's Bizarre Adventure
by Mamadou Kamagate

Most Africans grow up with the belief that we owe our parents great respect and consideration. We strongly believe that we must always ask and receive our parents’ approval and blessings before making any important life decision. All over Africa, stories are told to teach this important cultural and religious principle.

A beautiful young African princess departed from that belief, and found herself in the most bizarre and intriguing situation.

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Mamadou Kamagate was born and raised in the Ivory Coast (West Africa). He grew up in a society where traditional African values were strictly enforced. Mamadou holds a bachelor degree in literature and currently lives in the Rochester, NY area.


Mamadou Kamagate

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