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Addiction, Coming-of-age, Coping with loss, Death, Family dynamics, Grief, Teenage boy

Up From Bottom
by Linda Hozdic

Johnny suffers the loss of his mom and Nana while his dad tries to cope by drinking whiskey. Aunt Bev, his dad’s sister, and Uncle Jack make an effort to help. Two girls, Julie and Sarah, intervene in their own unique ways.

Over six months Johnny becomes more confident and wants to make a difference in the world. Just as rainbows often follow storms, growth and new goals can emerge from loss and grief.

Up From Bottom is Linda’s second novel, drawing on the loss she experienced as a child. She hopes that teens and adults will better understand the wide range of normal grieving, find better ways to cope, and have greater hope for the future.

In addition to Linda’s personal experience, she’s had the privilege of working with people during this difficult time in mental health, hospice, and palliative care.


Linda Hozdic

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