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Serial Killer, Psychopath, Murder Mystery, Psychological Thriller, FBI Agent, Crime Fiction, Detective Fiction

The Ghost Slasher
by David Poynter

Terry Pickard was born off the record as his cruel father, an illiterate dairyman, compared his birth to the freshening of a heifer. The cruelty he experienced, at the hand of his father, possibly combined with an innate propensity for insanity, rendered Terry to become a highly intelligent serial killer and mass murder. His technique was such that the authorities were never able to get a handle on a way to capture him. Beginning with the brutal murder of his father, in 1973, and continuing for forty-three years Terry Pickard would be responsible for more than one hundred cold-blooded slaughters before being stopped in a most unlikely way.

The author, as with his first novel, Perlacher Forest, contributes a percentage of proceeds to American Military Veterans' suicide prevention. He is a member of a group named Dysfunctional Veterans, whose purpose, other than to bring a smile to the face of a veteran who may be experiencing some difficulties, is to intervene in a potential veteran's suicide attempt by fielding blatant or subtle "cries for help. "The D.V. Farm" is a place of respite for veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, drug/alcohol recovery or any other effects which may occur, especially as the result of battle.

The author is a retired power plant operator who lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife and two adopted grandsons. A career spanning forty-nine years and averaging more than sixty hours per week interfered with his passion for writing, but not his ability to read. Now retired, David Poynter has the time to pursue his true calling and this is his second novel.


David Poynter

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