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Hypnotherapy/hypnosis, Reincarnation, Past life, Subconscious, Life lessons, Soul, Repeated behaviors/looping

The Portal To Finding Life Lessons
by Lynn C. LeBlanc

Follow the journey of real-life individuals as they search for their own life lessons. See how souls create repetitive situations in hopes of answering questions that transcend time and space. See how far a soul will go and what scenarios it will voluntarily expose its physical being to, so it can finally understand.

Travel back in time to World War II Pearl Harbor, the slave trade in Europe, and The Great Chicago Fire. See how a woman’s dream trip to South America left her haunted by memories of destruction and violence from another lifetime.

Discover how unresolved life lessons influence your everyday experiences in this life and all your future lives.

Since Lynn is a therapist and teacher, she has included a set of worksheets to help you on your journey. Use these exercises to discover your own life lessons.

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A man stood before me holding a flaming torch. With a familiar motion, he drew back his arm and threw the torch high into the air. As I followed its arc across the sky, I watched in horror as it ignited the oil-soaked wood. There in the center of a large fire stood a lone woman bound to a pole.

I finally said, “Emma, you were an executioner.”

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Lynn LeBlanc is passionate about assisting individuals on their soul’s journey. In addition to her Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy designation, she also has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and education. This training has created a perfect blend for helping clients identify, understand, and overcome challenges in all aspects of their lives. She teaches adult classes about the subconscious mind and the relevance of past lives on current life issues. In addition, Lynn’s strong problem-solving background allows her to explore multiple lives and analyze information retrieved using an innovative new process. This process provides a different perspective that empowers individuals to find understanding and happiness.

After completing her first book, The Portal to Past Life Insight, Lynn realized that for her readers to progress through the process they would need more in-depth examples. Therefore, this book, The Portal to Finding Life Lessons, was created. Lynn is currently working on the third book in this series. The Portal to Discovering Life’s Purpose describes the step-by-step process with examples to show the reader how to use the process themselves.

Lynn also operates her own hypnotherapy practice called Insight 4 Success Inc.,


Lynn C. LeBlanc

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